Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

One fine weekend, MM and I went back to Ipoh for my best friend, Fan Fan's wedding. I really looked forward to the big day as it will also be a gathering for my high school mates!

All heng dai were ready for the challenges! The gang in crime sweared to assist Fan Fan to bring his wife back to his home :D

First challenge, Kit Kit took it. It was French Roll with wasabi! Hot, and yet Yummy!! Kit Kit begs for more! Kit Kit:" I want more, can ahh?"

Next was kopi kau -__- Look at my face and you know how 'kau' it was.

Then it was show time for Pai Pai. Look at him, he was simply too strong for the pumping ;p Not forgetting, Mouse and Kit Kit did help in that too.

The very last challenge of the day was no other but the 'Kissing Game'. It was simply an 'awesome' game that all of us enjoyed. We got to taste the yummy chocolate, as well as our saliva o_O! Not sure if it was disgusting or sweet?! Um...

With the help of the gang in crime, Fan Fan managed to bring his beloved honey home :D That was sweet.

Baby and I attended Fan Fan's wedding reception, too.

It was a memorable night for all of us. Congratz Fan Fan. Wish you all the very best in your new chapter of life :) Cheers!

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