Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is 10th January, 2010, Sunday, and it's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me.

This birthday is a rather memorable one for me..,
  1. I worked in my birthday (it's a Sunday) -.-||
  2. YS bought me a phone * Sony Ericsson Aino * as birthday pressie *Muacks*
  3. My colleagues celebrated my birthday with me! Thanks guys for the birthday cake and BBQ party!! That is really sweet of you!
  4. Brother and sister in-law bought me a birthday cake! Thanks Brenda and Chee Mun.
  5. My dad treated me a good dinner (It has been quite a few years since he treated me dinner on my birthday)
  6. I got a rather great bonus from the company for the hard work in 2009 :D
  7. Those I do not mention, thanks to all the birthday wishes!

Seriously, life's been very busy for me recently. Involve in a nationwide project and the schedule is extremely tight! Hope things will be over soon. Seriously, I need a balance life. Do you hear me? Sigh, I bet you don't.

My birthday wishes for the year are:
  1. For me, my dar, our family, loved ones & friends: May they be blessed with a happy and healthy life.
  2. For Ysmm: May we be blessed with a blissful marriage and may our dreams come true.
  3. For myself: *Finger Crossed*
  4. For our mother earth: Let's work together, hand in hand to save her!

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