Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Hair Style

I do not know why but I feel like having a new hair style so eagerly recently! These are the hair styles I have had before (the 2nd photo is my latest hair style).

Mr. Hubby suggested me to get a short hair cut! He says I look good in short hair. I feel like having either short or permed hair again! I wanna try one of the following:

1) Normal/ Medium Short hair (similar to the one I had before)

2) Short and permed hair... (The hair style that I like most now, I'm not sure if I would look doggy and old with this type of hair style though)

3) Bob hair with or without cute lil' fringe -- It's another hair style that I like at the moment ;-)

4) Short hair (above ear level) - It's what Mr. Hubby thinks I will look good in ;-)

5) Long curly hair (the one I had before). Some of my friends say I look feminine and good with long curly hair.

Argh, too many choices! Perhaps long hair is more suitable for me than short ones -_-|| Please advise >.<"


Aw@keN PriNceSs ™ said...

hey babe... Just go for short hair... then we are in Trend.... Stylish!

Ysmm said...

I'm thinking if I shd try bob hair instead... Hmm...


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