Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bangkok - Chatuchak Weekend Market

If you still remember, about a while ago, we did visited Bangkok. It was a last minute trip after I decided to resign my job for other opportunity.

One of the places we visited in Bangkok was the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Yes, it is the largest market in Bangkok, and it opens only on weekends, which is Saturdays and Sundays.

Chatuchak Market is accessible by the MRT.

The ladies a.k.a. shopping queens, Baby, Nini and Poh Eng were ready to shop!

What do they sell in Chatuchak Weekend Market? Basically they sell a very wide range of products. There are clothings..,

home decor..,

footwear.., clothings.., bags.., souvinirs.., blah blah blah...

What else do they sell in the market?

One of the key uniqueness about the market is, they do sell pets.

There are puppies..,

kittens.., hamsters.., rabbits.., animal food etc.

After shopping for hours in the market, we decided to have our lunch at one of the hawker stalls that sell Thai's local food, the braised chicken noodle soup.

It was very delicious! The environment was not very clean, though.

We headed back to the hotel after spending a few hours in the market. It did caused some damage to our wallets, hehe.

Information Sharing Corner:
1) Click here to find out more on Chatuchak Market.
2) The best way to get here is on the Skytrain, Mo Chit station is only about five minutes walk away from the market.
3) Bangkok MRT Map

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