Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perth - Caversham Wildlife Park

To start of with our trip to Perth, we would like to blog about something boring but yet, it is one of the must-do/see things in Australia. That's to visit the Australia wildlife like Koalas and Kangaroos.

So, we visited one of the wildlife Park in Perth, that is the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Welcome to Caversham Wildlife Park. Entry fee to the park is AUD22.00. Rather pricey huh!

There was a farm show. Yeah, and it started of with sheep Sheering demonstration.

The it was show time for kids - baby sheep feeding.

YY tried cow milking too, Mr. Hubby and Sunny find it is a lil' yucky to milk the cow. Duhh -_-"

We also met up with Ms. Wombat in the park. She is Sunny's all-time favourite Australian animal, hehe..

There were Tasmanian Devils, they are not cute at all -_-"

Hm... we have no idea what reptile is it.

One very good thing about Caversham Wildlife park is visitors are allowed to take a walk through the kangaroo enclosure. Visitors are allowed to feed the kangaroos too.

Mr. Hubby does not think they are cute, duh.

Aha! it Koala petting time. She is a cute little koala named Sean. Isn't she cute?!

Aww, koalas are always my favourite Australia animal! *Blush*

Hmm that's pretty much about our visit to the wildlife park. We'll blog more about our trip in the next entry.

Information Corner:

1) How to get there (The park) from Perth CBD by car:

View Larger Map

2) Caversham Wildlife Park official Website - http://www.cavershamwildlife.com.au

3) Opening Time: Daily 9am -5.30pm ; Entrance fee: AUD 22

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