Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick Updates from YS

SORRY!!! for missing in action for so long..

MM has been blaming me for ignoring our blog so just a quick update to everyone...

I have been very busy lately with a lot of things, work, home renovations, shopping for our room and heck, I have farewell gatherings to attend as well, yes, I changed job (again) and this time I'm going to change my career goal a little bit to become a contractor. After working in a few companies for the past few years, I kinda like give up in playing the corporate games and climbing up the career ladder in the corporate world. Instead, I would like to change my goal a little bit so I decided to become a contractor instead. I got a 4 years contract from a reputable US based retailer and i will be part of their integration team and be responsible to deliver some mission critical integration projects using webMethods.., not sure about the requirements yet but surely it would be a challenging one. Feel energetic inside and ready to kick ass in the new company! Finger crossed for me and wish me luck please!!! The package??? Many of my friends did asked me the same question but I'm not going to reveal it here but I promise I will not spoil the IT market..;)
Talking about wedding preparation, haven't been really prepare for it except I have started to renovate my room in my home town. Has finished some shopping recently too and the total damage is massive, gotta work harder to heal my wound.. :( but thanks to MM for being so supportive and her great taste in choosing a furniture....;)

All right, last but not least..happy dumpling festival everyone and will going to blog about our trip to Perth soon and this is going to present by....MM (hehe).


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