Monday, December 24, 2012

Our 1st cashout from Nuffnang

We 1st started blogging in 2008, and I think we have joined Nuffnang since then. It has been about 4 years now and we finally accumulated RM100 earnings in our account! So darling decided to cashout the earnings for a dinner treat. It took us 4 years to earn RM100, wow! It was loooooooooooong!

Just then, we received a Cashout Rejection mail from Nuffnang


Some time after we received the mail, the earnings have not been credited back to our account. So we logged a ticket to the helpdesk and here's the reply we got!

Wow, I did not even know that me and darling have so much of free time till we can engage ourselves in click fraud activity. For those who have known us for long, we didn't even have time to blog after the arrival of our baby boy in last September! We have abandoned our blog for more than a year and just resume blogging recently. Being a not-so-active blogger, I think it is fair to earn some small money like 100 bucks in 4 years; and this 100 bucks does not come to our account overnight but has been accumulated since day one, after writing for about 200 posts. I find Nuffnang is trying to stop me from cashing out money by bringing an accusation. It really disappointed me, so I replied to ask for the evidence which they claimed they have.

Darling and I both being IT professionals, we don't blog for money but interest. 唔通真係靠 blog 嚟食飯咩? Sigh.

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