Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ashton sharking around!

Our baby boy is no longer a baby but a toddler now. The 19 month old knows how to express himself. Aside from expressing what he wants by answering/ saying 'want', he now has started to build sentences from words :D

"Daddy, hand hand, 抱抱, car car" - He wants daddy to carry him so that he can get the lego car on the shelf.

"Mommy, hand,  屁股" - He is sleepy and wants mommy to pat on his buttocks.

"嫲嫲 , 菜, Jahhh" - He means grandma is cooking with 'jah' as sound effect.

"Daddy,  做工, 驾车." - He means his daddy is driving to work.

Time flies; kid grows up very quickly too. Dar and I now are starting to miss the moments Ashton learnt to crawl, walk like a penguin, say his 1st few words etc...

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